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Positivity is Key!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Hi, my name is Lyle Malljee and I am a Sales Consultant working at the Vodacom 4U Store in Fourways Mall.

Now, I don’t know about you? But personally, I found the initial effects of lockdown to be quite tough on my overall well-being. It brought uncertainty and immense stress. Having said that, I assume as for many others, for me it also felt like touch and go there for a second. I, however, soon realised that with all the challenges that the lockdown brought also came some valuable lessons. A big lesson I learnt for instance was not to waste one’s resources. I had to learn to steward my resources well because you never know when a global pandemic is going to hit right? It’s something that I wish to carry on doing in the future and hope that this would both remind and encourage you to join me.

I can, however, say that each level has brought with it less frustrations and so I’m grateful that we have moved to level 2. I do believe that it was the best decision, especially in our industry, as consumers have become more frequent and happy to be helped in the store. On a personal note, I’ve also really enjoyed being able to visit my family with the travelling restrictions being lifted. The previous lockdown restrictions certainly made one realise what’s most important.

With that said, I would like to take moment to just thank our customers for their eternal support during these tough times and that we are here and willing to go the extra mile if needed. To my fellow Axtel Co family members, keep doing what you’ve always been doing. Let’s continue to win our customers over with our bright smiles and great attitudes. Remember that greatness comes from positivity and that positivity also leads to new opportunities.

Keep safe and keep it real.

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