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There's light at the end of the tunnel

Updated: Apr 14, 2021


My name is Sebabatso Judith Mokgohloa and I’m a Sales Consultant working at the Vodacom Shop in Festival Mall.

As a company we believe in always looking for the bright side in any situation. So, as we enter into a new season (spring) and celebrate lockdown level 2, we’ve been encouraged to reflect somewhat on these last few months and to share some of our insights with you.

As with anyone, I guess, those first few months of lockdown certainly brought with it allot of fear, despair and distress. I was, however, very grateful to remain employed during such unprecedented times and it proved as a testament that God is good all the time! I also learnt to never take for granted the little delicacies life has to offer us. It reminded me to always give my all in what I do, to ensure all hands on deck (remember collective success is much better than individual success) and definitely to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, as we head into spring. So why don’t you join me as we challenge ourselves to look at the world from a different perspective again.

Although there is much uncertainty as to what the future holds. Let’s keep reminding one another that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. All we need to do is to grab hold of each new day and make the most of it.

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