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Hi there,

My name is Lerato Mokoena, a Sales Consultant working at the Vodacom 4U Shop in Fourways Mall. If you missed the last blog, firstly, go check it out ( OR here’s what it’s all about - August serves as #womensmonth and so, as a company, we are making use of this opportunity to honour and celebrate all of the #powerwomen in our lives (which is all of us, right?).

We hope to inspire and enrich each and every person reading this by sharing some of our own stories with you.

Although I have only been a part of the Axtel Co family for a short while now, I've been working in wholesale and retail much longer. I enjoy working in this field because it offers allot of skills development, which to some might come as a surprise, but it's more than just sales skills. Think - People skills, communication skills, team work etc. I also love that I get to interact with a diverse bunch of people which more often than not teaches me a thing or two about myself.

What drives me most is my family, in fact, I am most inspired by my mother Martha Ntaoki Mokoena. Honestly, I have seen her in all aspects of life and she still remains strong and beautiful.

A little advice that I always hold onto in my spheres of work is: “When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good”. I trust that it’ll serve as a reminder to you too.


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