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Hello e-learning!

Hi there.

My name is Fikile and I am one of the managers working at the Vodacom Shop in Festival Mall.

I started using e-School by Vodacom during the time Vodacom was giving away top dog vouchers, but was not a regular user. It was during lock-down that myself and my 11 year old (in grade 6) started using it daily. We tried other e-learning platforms but they didn’t grab my son's attention.

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Vodacom E-Learning

I’ve had a wonderful experience with e-School, with the main reason being that my son loves it. When he uses it, I don’t have to supervise him and sometimes even have to force him to take breaks. The lessons are broken down into simple and detailed contents for his age and he loves working towards higher scores.

I’d recommend it to customers because as a working mom, the stress and pressure of having to educate my son during this difficult time has been taken care of by Vodacom e-School. The site also doesn’t need data which makes it even more awesome. It’s indeed a great initiative by Vodacom.

Check out more here:

Until next time!

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