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Finding the motivation to exercise!

Hi! My name is Elan Thomas and I’m one of the Sales Consultants working at the Vodacom Shop in Fourways Mall.

So, one of the items I can’t exercise without are my BodyGlove earbuds.

I too am one of the #AxFIT Store Ambassadors which I’m sure you’ve been hearing allot about. You can follow this link to find out more -

My favourite type of exercise is anything to do with free weights, reason why, is because I feel more in-control of the specific exercise that I may be doing. So if you’re new to this, you could start there?

Music can be such a good motivator when exercising. So, one of the items I can’t exercise without are my BodyGlove earbuds. They are light and have a good battery life. Whether I’m going for a jog around the block or lifting some weights, the wireless earbuds are always with me. In terms of the type of music that motivates me, my first choice is anything upbeat and full of energy. My favourite playlist on Apple Music is the “Pure Workout” playlist.

One piece of advice that I can pass on to someone who may be struggling to find the motivation to exercise, is to start off by making short term goals, whether it’s trying to gain or lose weight. Set goals that are in reach and once you start achieving those goals, motivation takes over and exercising becomes a fun hobby instead of an hour of torture.

Better yet, why not join our #AxFIT Initiative for the month of July. It includes a 21-day beginners, intermediate or advanced workout challenge whilst also making a difference in the lives of our less privileged community members.

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