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Updated: Apr 14, 2021


As a company Axtel Co has been encouraged to ensure that we seek life lessons in every situation that we faced with. So, we’ve been encouraged to do some reflection on these last few months and share some of our personal lessons with you.

Our Vodacom based in Fourways Mall.

My name is Allister Buys, a Manager working at the Vodacom Shop in Fourways Mall.

For me, the lockdown was experienced differently, at different stages. In the early stages it was all panic, especially for myself with regards to work and just life in itself. As the lockdown levels progressed, though, so did my mindset. I soon realised that if we wanted to move forward, it had to become a part of our lives. That we’d have to adapt and change the way we approach our lifestyles and the way that we do business as a whole.

Not only did this lockdown change the way I perceive the here and now but it has also challenged me to look at the future a bit differently. Life can change in a minute, and so, you have to ask yourself whether you are ready, ready for whatever is thrown at you next. It has also thought me to be weary of my surroundings and conscious of cleanliness.

As we embrace all the new that level 1 of the lockdown has to offer us, I must say, that my mindset has become a lot more relaxed and I feel that we could be very close to things returning more normal again. Although the virus is still going to be with us for a good while and well, life as we’ve known it is gone for good, so we’ll have to change the way we previously ‘thought’ our futures might have played.

To my work family – Axtel Co. and all our customers I would like to leave you with the following. Keep doing what you have been doing, we have been sparred by the grace of God to not have a single incident in the Axtel Co Family. Keep your distance, stay safe and sanitise. Customers we are here to help you in anyway, we strive daily to give you the best service. Trust in us and believe me we will not disappoint you.

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