As Axtel Communications we strive for connectivity that inspires conversation and caring. That is at the core of our values. We want to connect people for the right reasons. How do you keep connected? It’s safe to say that all our connections have been challenged since the wake of Covid-19 which occurred in 2020 and continues still. In a world where we can’t build face to face relationships, we have had to go online and connect virtually. At the heart of what we do is CONNECTION. To ensure that you stay connected to family, friends, work or even working out.

Connectig with exercise group by Chatz Midstream

Online Fitness

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Here you’ll find some fun ways to stay connected with us. We have created our own Axtelco playlists for you to enjoy. When you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what is next, why not connect with some of our favourite songs through music or maybe even through fitness. These are some fun ways to let go of stress and anxiety. Did you know that according to Mindwise Innovations: “Dance improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression.” It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and help overall mental health. So why don’t you push play and let loose. Dance like no one is watching or sing like no one is listening and remember what it was like to be a child.


Connection is key. And while we connect you virtually, we also want to inspire you internally. The below playlists and workouts are ways to have fun, reduce anxiety and stress and ultimately will give you something to start a conversation with.