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Through innovation, we've created a better way to make and retain connections. Our focus as an organization is how we as humans stay connected for the right reasons. We make it our priority to support this, no matter how an individual chooses to connect.We enable this through our technology that improves lives and makes it safer and easier to use. To ensure that you stay connected to family, friends, work or even working out.


Fibre optic internet service is the better choice for your internet . It’s much faster and more reliable vs cable internet or DSL. There is no more throttling and will give you a better TV picture quality.  Fibre-optic connection bandwidths can increase exponentially and speeds can go through the roof, even when multiple devices are connected. Don’t waste anymore time with slow connections and upgrade now to fibre!

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5G & LTE

We offer 5G networks which have out of this world speeds, it has a greater bandwidth which means it can handle more connected devices at once that previous other networks.  This will help you stay connected with your friends and family without bad service and seeing your loved ones in the best quality, making you feel like you are there with them.

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Mobile Solutions

We provide end-to-end customisable mobile solutions. With our range of mobile applications and devices, you can work smarter and better no matter where you are. Connection has never been made easier.

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Our solutions for your frustrations

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Vodacom Connect 

Change the way you view connection with Axtel Co.